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Business Description


  • Payment gateway solutions (online and offline)

    We provide an efficient and secure payment gateway service aimed at facilitating the growing banking needs of the Asian community for cross border payment services. The system was developed in two phases: first in 2014 for Mobile Point Of Sale (offline services) and then in 2015 for online services. Around 10 years ago, merchants were still using traditional POS terminals and slow telephone line connections provided by banks.

    Therefore, we developed our own version of the Mobile Point Of Sale ("mPOS") using Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, which is easier to use, particularly as it does not require any additional hardware to be installed. An mPOS or mobile POS is a portable and handheld point of sale devices, such as a smartphone or a tablet, that functions as a standard POS and register. Typically linked to traditional hardware like credit card machines and receipt printers, it is run on cloud technology, which means data can be accessed anywhere and anytime. In addition to our mPOS, we developed an online payment gateway for merchants offering online shopping services, allowing merchants' customers to pay online and use their mobile phones.

    We are offering our business partners a B2B working model that also enables us to economise on sales and marketing, promotion and business development costs and therefore improve its profitability.

  • IT support and security services

    Our experienced IT team has been certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, provides IT technical support services on a 24/7 basis, cyber security consultation services and portal support services to our clients.

    We provide a cost-effective service that enables SMEs to outsource their IT and customer service functions to us and allows SMEs to focus on their business activities. SMEs that are changing their business model to an online one face new cyber-related issues they need to address, such as hacking and service interruptions. We act as a cyber security advisor to them and help them maintain a stable and secure online environment.

  • CatchAR

    CatchAR is the Group's proprietary, internally developed mobile application for Android and iOS, which is aimed at providing clients in businesses, such as catering and entertainment which address large numbers of consumer customers, a platform to promote their services and branding through the Group's innovative AR (augmented reality) and VR (visual reality) system.

    CatchAR was soft launched in Hong Kong in September 2021 and currently has 8 clients using it. Once it has been fully developed, the Group plans to expand CatchAR to clients in China, Japan and Singapore. The application uses i-beacon Bluetooth and AR/VR technology to allow consumers to receive notifications with promotions, access interactive mini-AR games and coupon redemptions for shops and events. Both consumers and merchants will need to use Regal Crown's payment gateway solutions in order to benefit from these coupon and discount redemptions. In addition, the mobile application itself is compatible with the Indoor Positioning System (IPS) which is used by certain large hotels and resorts, property management companies and property developers, and which the Directors believe might provide another source of revenue in the future.

  • Maid-Maid Matching

    platform which it soft launched in Q4 of 2021. The roll out of the full service will occur once the obtaining of all necessary exemptions and licences under Hong Kong laws (a process which Regal Crown HK has commenced) has been completed, which is expected to be completed in Q2 of 2022. The roll out into other jurisdictions is subject to confirming whether any licences or other requirements may be applicable and will need to be put in place in connection with this activity in applicable jurisdictions.

    This platform is based on P2P (peer-to-peer) matching to allow prospective maids searching for jobs to find an employer online without having to pay a high commission to a local employment service company. In addition, the platform will provide the employer with a report regarding the maid including references for the previous year. When an employer uses this platform to hire a maid, the platform allows the employer to pay the maid's salary online without cash via Regal Crown HK's payment gateway. Regal Crown HK is currently in discussions with various companies in respect of offering those third party companies pop up advertising opportunities which may be included in the app, such as logistic services providers, recruitment businesses and foreign currency exchange services providers.